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SCAF (southern california anarchist federation)

Hey Everyone!

This is cory!

So, I thought id make a post on the Southern Calirfornia Anarchist Federation.

I saw alo tof you sounded interrested in alot of anarchistic ideas, if you visit or .org (thats the SCAF site, hosted by, you can read posts for upcoming events, actions taken, and just general news... The site depends on user participation, so sign up! and post!

ALSO! (and this is my favorite part were working on) Theres the Library! It has lots of reading meterial in there. I am adding some green anarchist stuff soon, and theres stuff on anarchist thory and practice too.

Theres esseys by Emma goldman (she is one of the founding mothers of the Anarchist Femanist movement back in the 20' and earlier)... she kicked ass, and her stuff is great to read, not even boring. Theres allso some Kropotkin (phylosopher from the late 19th century).

Also you can add links... theres polls... Everything, like I said the site depends on user interraction. Plus its a good place to learn.

Also, if and when you all want and think youd want, you can have ROR added to the SCAF devisions.... Just an idea for the future. :)

Lots of Lovin to you all!
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