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Update! Update!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to keep you updated! The last few weeks have been a little slow for ROR besides the Police Brutality march on the 22nd. Were getting ready for the November 6th Anti War protest in Hollywood anyone interested in going please contact us at:
The next meeting will most likely be in the middle of November. We'll continue to be working on FNB's however I'm not sure we will be doing it this weekend. Our plans are to start one in San Bernidino and keep the one going in Riverside. If you havn't heard the Mother Earth Collective will be starting a zine, for more info visit: (This website is updated constantly check back often for events!)
They will be accepting any submissions. Rebuilding Our Roots will also be contributing to this zine.
Please email us at the address above or reply to this with any feedback ideas question ect! Thanks!

- Rebuilding Our Roots
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