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Riverside Anti-War Protest


Join us for a peaceful demonstration

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2005
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

University & Iowa
Riverside [map]

To Protest the 2nd Anniversary of the Illegal
Invasion & Occupation of Iraq!

Join hundreds of your fellow community members who are outraged with
the continued Bush quagmire in the Middle East. Help us protest the
war on the poor both abroad and at home.

This event is organized by Riverside Area Peace & Justice Action
(RAPJA) and is endorsed by this coalition:

UCR Student Coalition for Peace & Human Rights
Democrats of Greater Riverside
Social Actions Committee of the UUC
Green Party of Riverside
International Socialist Organization (ISO)
Citizens' Action for Peace (CAP), Redlands

This demonstration will be a peaceful but boisterous protest of the
Bush Agenda. Bring drums, noisemakers, signs, etc. Tell your friends
and bring a carload. We need to show Riverside, and the world, that
most Americans no longer support George Bush's Iraq policies.

Saturday, March 19 @ 10:00 AM. We will be carpooling to Los Angeles to
participate in the large march and rally sponsored by ANSWER-LA. We
will leave from the parking lot of the Hispanic Bookcase, 1345
University Ave. [map] at 10:00 AM sharp!. Try to arrive by 9:45 AM. If
you can offer a ride or need information, call Richard at (951)

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