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you're definition of beauty is too insane.

Food not Bombs/RORC Meeting

Food Not Bombs/RORC Meeting
This Sunday, September 26
@ Fairmount Park
---2601 Fairmount Boulevard(off Market St. & the 60 fwy) in Riverside---

The next RORC meeting will be this Sunday following our first fnb! We need volunteers to help serve food at the park and we need volunteers to cook, if you are interested in cooking please leave a comment so we can get transportation figured out. We will be meeting to cook around 10:30 and leaving to the park around 12:30, we would like to start serving food at 1:00, and the RORC meeting will start around 3:00... we dumpstered tons of potatoes and pasta so far and we're collecting more tomorrow and the following day, I HOPE EVERYONE SHOWS UP! does anyone else have anything for fnb? leave pounds and pounds of comments with updates on progress please!

...looking forward to the meeting!!!!!!!!!!

<3lactic acid
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